Our 6 Step Conversion Process

For clarity, peace of mind, and ultimate efficiency.


1) Free Test/Quote

It's easy, and free, to get started with your conversion project. Just reach out to us and we'll offer you up to 5,000 lines of code converted for free, so you can see what your "end product" looks like. 

2) Secure Transfer

Once we get started with your project, we'll sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement for maximum privacy. In addition, we'll transfer your database to an encrypted virtual server so that your data is secure while we handle the conversion - without stopping any operations on your end. 

3) Auto Conversion

Next, we'll run your legacy application's code through our patent-pending auto-converter to begin converting the code to a web application (a combination of HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, and PHP). 

4) Man. Conversion

As the auto-conversion is running, and after it's done all it can, our team of super developers will step in and manually convert the remaining code that didn't pass through our auto-converter.

5) Testing

Once the conversion is complete, we'll start testing the newly converted web application internally to look for any bugs. When finished testing internally, we'll provide you with the web application for additional client-side testing to be extra safe.

6) Client Delivery

Finally, once the entire application has been converted and all testing has been successful, we'll deliver the new web application to the client!

With our unique approach your legacy system will be converted to a robust web application for less cost and time than ever thought possible. Our team will be in touch with you every step of the way, so you know exactly where we are in the process, and can start to plan around shared deadlines.

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