Legacy System Conversion Pricing



No hidden fees. No pressure.
We'll convert up to 5,000 lines of code for free so you can see what the end product looks like and we can get a better feel for your project needs.
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Get started for Free! We'll convert up to 5,000 lines of your legacy code so that you can see what the final product looks like, we can see what we're working with, and all of us can get to know each other just a bit better :) Contact us now to take advantage of this no-risk, kick the tires, test project opportunity!


$0.50/ line

Sometimes More. Sometimes Less. This is our client's average project cost. However, if you have very few Active Third Party Controls, your price may be much lower! The best thing to do is to start with a free test project and quote.
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You read that right, our client's typically spend around only 50 cents per line for their conversion! That is less than any other provider around, and a fraction of the cost of manually converting with your own internal team. The final price will depend on how complex your application is, so reach out to us now to get started with a free test project and tell you exactly how much a conversion will cost you. 



Looking for something unique?
Call us for any conversion project you have in mind, no matter how out of the ordinary it may seem. We specialize in being flexible for our clients and creating affordable solutions where other firms simply cannot.

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If you have a custom conversion project that is very much outside the ordinary, or not in one of the legacy languages listed on our website, reach out to us now to see if we can still help you and we'll work together to try to create a custom package that is a win-win for both parties!